What is a corporate video used for?

Corporate video productions have a wide range of uses and can vary with every organization or even within organizations between departments and business units.

The fact of the matter is in the modern business world, corporate video can play an increasingly important role in any part of a business. From operations to marketing, to it’s internal and external communications activities. Here’s how some organizations or brands use corporate video:

Marketing video production

The most common use of a corporate video production is for marketing purposes. Different brands and organizations utilize video to increase brand awareness, drive or increase sales and increase client portfolio. Marketing videos like these are professionally produced to be engaging and encourage a specific call to action based on the organization’s goals and the use case of that corporate video.

Training video productions and Online self-service tutorials

There are many organizations in the world that are starting their journey in the corporate world by creating training videos for their employees. These videos have been proven to help new employees learn the methods, practices, and procedures of an organization and share insights into the organization’s culture in an easy-to-follow manner. Training video productions can also be used for organizations that has a niche for e-learnings. 

Event promotional video productions

Corporate video is no stranger to events, it can be used to hype an upcoming event or product launch using event sizzle videos.

Video Broadcasts for Annual Meetings and Earnings Calls Video Broadcasts

Video production can play a pivotal role in producing annual meetings that are rich video broadcasts and inform shareholders about an organization’s latest developments. These virtual broadcasts, or corporate video broadcasts can be integrated into any virtual event platform for live or on-demand consumption. Earnings broadcasts bring earrings calls to life and allow the organization to tell their story in a rich and dynamic manner. 

Product Demonstrations

A product demonstration is a form of advertising. A company uses this to present its products before potential customers. Although it’s similar to other forms of advertising, product demonstrations are more direct in their approach. The beauty about a good product demonstration video is that it saves both time and money.

Regardless of the kind of corporate video production you’re looking to produce we came up with some tips here for making a professional corporate video.