Video Marketing? How a Video Marketing Company Can Help

Are you looking to enhance your existing marketing efforts? With the growth of online video, as well as digital signage, enlisting the help of Video marketing companies may be the answer.

Today, marketing and reaching your target audiences is much more than keywords. You need to build a content strategy, which allows you to reach new audiences, highlight your message and make real connections through social media platforms such as Instagram and Youtube. Now, video production can mean many different things these days – and even have have a wide variety of uses within an organization – so you need a strategy when it comes to using video for the organization.

Specifically, as you look to leverage video for your marketing activities there are a number of video marketing companies to consider who can help you implement a strategy that works.

Video Marketing CompaniesWhat does video marketing look like?

It’s a type of online marketing and advertising that uses short, two- to five-minute videos to inform your audience about the same topics you would otherwise be covering in your articles, blogs, and other media. The video marketing companies upload your content video to video sharing websites (ie: YouTube), granting your business a whole new world of marketing exposure.

How do you turn a 500-word blog into a five-minute video?

Well, the answer is like anything else, there are a number of different approaches to create video content for your business. On a basic level you could simply create animated slideshow content just to populate Youtube and other platforms. However, there are more creative opportunities to use video and tell the organization’s story and engage viewers; which will mean a higher-level of engagement. Of course, you also want to keep in mind that the video content the organization is putting out are a direct reflection on the business, and how professional it is, and how the team approaches the topic at hand.

Video offers a new platform to showcase the organization, introduce team members and connect with audiences, all of which means video marketing can be a powerful avenue to drive business forward.

So, while some content may be live action video that showcases a case study, introduces the organization, or captures video testimonials from your clients, other assets may be animated, or even interview based to bring those 500 word blog posts to life.

What are the benefits of using a video marketing strategy?

In short, video marketing gives audiences another channel through which to learn about your organization, it’s products, and/or services. A comprehensive video marketing strategy allows an organization to effectively communicate and use this channel to boost conversions and sales—by quite a lot. In fact, statistics show that simply putting a product video on the landing page of your website can increase conversions by close to 80 percent, and further studies have shown that a reported 74 percent of those potential clients who watch an explainer-video about a product end up buying that product. In other words, create content and you are almost guaranteeing yourself more visitors to your website, more visitors converted into clients, and more sales overall. Of course there is another benefit as well: video marketing gives you the opportunity to engage with your clients (and with more potential clients) on a creative level. So what are you waiting for? Contact one of the best video marketing companies today!

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