Is the Smartphone the Key To Video Marketing?

Is Adding Video to your PR & Marketing Efforts as Simple as Picking up Your Phone?

It is the marketing community’s darling – last year the reports were that 2017 was the year of video. Now, the projections are that the majority of internet traffic by 2019 will be video.

That is a pretty staggering statistic, which means if your job is to communicate, then is probably increasingly making its way into your conversations. Regardless of whether your job is to tell the organization’s story, to promote an event, or capture a customer’s success story, there’s a wide variety of avenues that video is becoming a part of the conversation.

Now, at the same time smartphones have increasingly become proficient at capturing video – some even capturing video in 4K. So, that begs the question is adding video to your PR and marketing efforts as simple as picking up your phone?

Well, that answer isn’t necessarily so cut and dry.

The fact is that adding video to your campaigns shouldn’t be done haphazardly and there should be a strategic conversation to determine the best avenues and opportunities to use video for your organization.

The smartphone is a great tool to capture something quick and conversational and it can certainly have its place in social media marketing. But if you’re producing brand collateral, something from the C-suite, or a marketing piece of some sort you may want a solution that has higher production values than you would obtain with a smartphone.

The visuals from a smartphone are often quite good but there are other elements to a video production that should be considered including:

  • Story Presentation
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Location
  • Graphics & Branding
  • Shooting Style

Like any other marketing collateral – digital or traditional – video requires attention to detail. These efforts ensure that the content produced is done so in a matter that is consistent with the organization’s brand image and key messages.

So, to answer the question at hand…there are times that a smartphone may be used to capture video and interact with audiences. However, the answer would be determined by an internal conversation (or with a production partner or agency) as to what the larger strategy is for identifying and integrating video into the marketing matrix.


About the author: Jason Cohen is Executive Producer at NYC Video Pros. The organization works with clients around the globe to develop corporate video production strategies for organizations around the globe. Click here to learn more about their video production services or for a free consultation call 212.931.4866.

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