What’s Your 2018 Corporate Video Strategy?

Corporate Video Production in 2018 by NYC Video Pros

It’s planning season – so you’re looking at your 2018 campaigns and starting to identify strategies to capture and tell your story – or your client’s story. For most PR & Marketing professionals developing campaigns increasingly means identifying & producing strategic content and an important part of that equation is video.

So, as your friends in corporate video production, we thought we would share a few ideas for you to consider as you build your 2018 campaigns.  Whether you are first looking to dip your toes into the waters of integrating video into your campaigns, or if you are seeking to build on previous efforts there are a variety of options to consider.

Regardless of your perspective as you start planning and budgeting for 2018, here are areas where corporate video can be integrated into your upcoming campaigns.

Three Areas Where You Can Integrate Corporate Video

  • Show “It” Off: Whether you’re showcasing a new product, launching a new service, or introducing a new hire – video provides a unique opportunity to bring the story at hand to life with vibrant interviews and dynamic B-roll that tells the story in a positive light.
  • Spruce Up Those Quarterly Reports: Video is a powerful avenue to improve quarterly C-suite communications activities.  It allows executives a controlled environment to showcase the latest trends – data can be visualized – and key projects can be shown.
  • Leverage the Event: Conferences and events offer a number of opportunities to capture video content.  First, there is the possibility of capturing keynote presentations and making them available on-demand to reach additional audiences.  Beyond that, there are opportunities to take advantage of the fact that you have the industry at your fingertips to produce thought leadership content, or to produce a sizzle reel that highlights the event for future attendees and sponsors.

Naturally, these are a few high-level ideas to get those creative juices flowing as you start thinking about 2018.  Of course, every organization and the story they have to tell is unique – so as you kick off your planning and budgeting activities for 2018 our NYC video production team is happy to set-up a free brainstorming session.

Further, beyond strategy, is the million dollar question as to what to budget.  While that answer depends on what it is you want to produce and the types of video assets that you have in mind head on over to our earlier article for some high-level guidance “The $1 Million Dollar #VideoProduction Question: What Does It Cost to Produce #CorporateVideo?

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