Using #Video…In the Sales Process

In today’s business environment there are a myriad of opportunities to leverage corporate video…let’s focus specifically on how corporate video can be used in the sales process.

During the sales process, there are a number of touch points, which create opportunities to integrate corporate video and to improve the customer experience – including the post-sale environment. There are a number of ways that corporate video production can enhance the sales process.

Enhance Your Sales Process Using Corporate Video Production:

  • Introducing the organization
  • Sharing insights into capabilities
  • Providing testimonials from existing clients

First, by producing a compelling cinematic corporate video you are able to highlight your products or services, and share insights from key members of your team with potential clients. This is a great avenue to provide face time with members of your c-suite or those on the ground, that might not typically have time to meet with each new perspective client. A well-produced corporate video production can influence buyers and connect with them on an emotional level that is often hard to achieve in a conference call or meeting environment.

Once the prospect has started learning about your organization – and has started moving through the sales process – you can share corporate video assets with that prospect that can play an integral role in delving deeper into the specifics of your organization’s story. For example, at this point in the sales process, video may be used to showcase a facility and/or highlight organizational capabilities and resources that are available to the client. Often times in using video at this stage of the sales process you’re able to reduce the need for clients to travel – helping them to save budget – while ensuring that your team’s time is most effectively used.

As you look to close the deal, using corporate video to share stories from previous clients can be a powerful tactic. In this use case videos can be produced in conversational testimonial format, or as a client story, that provides a holistic view of their experience. This perspective will capture the client’s story and share their view and capture the essence of what makes your organization unique for the job at hand.

While the sales process and associated timeline varies by industry – the common denominator is in establishing and building relationships and sharing your organization’s unique story. In today’s competitive environment, video provides another platform to tell that story and build that connection with clients. Regardless of how you choose to integrate video into the sales process, it is sure to be a powerful tool that can engage and educate prospective clients.  Let our video production company in NYC help you.

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