Choosing the Right Corporate Video Director In NYC

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Choosing the Right Corporate Video Director

When you’re planning your next corporate video production you’ll consider a number of factors as to how best tell your story, who to include internally, what your key messages are, and of course budget.  But one consideration that often gets overlooked, and should be of paramount consideration, is who will be directing your corporate video production.  This is an important factor that will play a role in how your corporate video production turns out and should not be overlooked when you’re selecting the right video production partner.

How does a director impact your corporate video production?

What do they do, and what should you look for as you consider your next video production partner…first of all the director is going to work closely with your on-screen talent to get them comfortable, to make sure they are on-message, and if you’re working from a script that they stick to it and hit the necessary cues.

Basically, the director, who will work with a supporting crew that will vary with the size of your production, is going to run the show.  They’re not only going to be focused on coaxing out the best content from everyone involved in the corporate video production, but they’ll also be setting the schedule for your shoot and making sure that all facets of your corporate video production move along smoothly.  That means they’ll be heavily involved in all aspects of your video production and working closely with your team to bring the concept to reality.

All of this means, that when you’re prepping for your next corporate video production, choosing the right corporate video director is an important part of the equation that you should consider when you’re speaking with video production companies.

Accordingly, here are some qualities you want to look for in the director of your next corporate video production:

– Easy to deal with and has a pleasant bedside manner
– Openminded and shares your vision for the corporate video project; and is willing to listen to feedback
– Accessible to answer your questions throughout the course of your corporate video production
– Experienced in working with all types of client’s personalities, and managing egos

Have further questions about choosing the right corporate video director, feel free to reach out to us.

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