To Shoot in High-Definition or Not?

When you are planning your next corporate video shoot, among the many other variables you will consider is what format to shoot you content in. The main choice is between standard definition(SD), or high-definition; depending on your project and the uses of the video both options have their place in today’s media landscape. However, there is one aspect to keep in mind as you plan; you can always scale video back.  With today’s numerous software packages if you start with an HD video you can always create a smaller file size or an equivalent SD piece of footage; going in the other direction isn’t quite as easy.

While we deal with each project on an individual basis, as a standard start out with the idea of shooting your content in HD.  We figure..

If you’re investing on producing corporate video content..

— then you should have the best quality available at the time of your shoot which will also give you the most flexibility with the footage in the future.
So, when you’re facing your next corporate video production and trying to decide what format to shot in make sure your video production company doesn’t nickel and dime you on quality, and be sure to keep longevity in mind.

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