How much does it cost for a corporate video?

That’s actually a loaded question as every corporate video production project varies, there are a lot of factors that play in considering the cost of producing a corporate video. 

We often make the analogy that producing a corporate video follows the same logic as building a home. You may build a simple cottage for one price, and yet on the same land, you may choose to build a mini-mansion which can run many multiples of the cost of that to build the cottage.

So, costs for producing a corporate video vary depending on the type of video production, the necessary pre-production and post-production work, and the number of days required to shoot the project. Additional factors that can impact the cost of video production include the necessary crew, set design, and scenic elements, as well as the production methodology.

With so many different factors corporate video production projects span a wide range of budgets; and some corporate video productions may start in the $5 – $10K ballpark many others will have budgets that far exceed that ballpark. It’s important that you have a conversation with your video production company to discuss the deliverables you want as part of the production, which will help to illuminate the production requirements and guide the budget to determine the cost for your specific corporate video production.

That said, during pre-production the video production company will work with you to identify the right solution for your corporate video production. The solution will likely include a plan for the creative development of your corporate video, as well as the right team and technical solution that will lead to the production of a corporate video that meets your vision.

With all of the right planning done – you’ll be able to fully identify the production requirements and get a handle on the cost for the corporate video production.