6 Reasons You Should Invest in Video Marketing

With today’s growing social media-driven landscape there are new opportunities for organization’s to connect with and influence potential buyers.

Perhaps one of the most powerful avenues is video marketing.

If you’re not familiar as to what video marketing is – it’s using video to promote and market your brand, services, and/or the organization.

In some sense, the opportunities to use video marketing are nearly limitless, so here we’re sharing some reason why you should invest in it.

6 reasons you should invest in video marketing:

1. Tell Your Brand’s Unique Story – Start with the basics to tell the organization’s story through a brand film – win new business, attract employees, and share the mission.

2. Capture More Leads With Better Engagement – It’s long been proven that video helps retain website visitors, which means targeted video marketing content can lead to better engagement.

3. Improve Sales – Better engagement translates to more inbound marketing inquiries and by integrating video assets you can better answer questions introduce team members and share insights into products and services and drive sales forward.

4. Enhance the Customer Experience – Beyond the sale video can be a powerful tool to engage customers, set expectations, and keep them updated – all of which enhance the customer experience.

5. Make Your Team More Efficient – Video marketing allows your sales teams to be more efficient. It provides teams with another resource to share with prospects and a tool that can answer many of the frequently asked questions, which can help them make the most efficient use of their time.

6. Share Testimonials & Success Stories – Sometimes nothing tells your story better than your satisfied customers. Working with an experienced video production company you can leverage the power of a video testimonial and sharing those success stories is a key area that can provide branded content opportunities for your video marketing strategy that can not be ignored.

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