3 Tips to 100% Crush Your Video Marketing

In today’s social media-driven world video marketing is an important method of telling the organization’s story.

Further, video marketing has changed the rules and created opportunities not only for corporations to tell their story with video but to improve B2B communications, and even empowered local businesses.

With that being said, regardless of if you are managing communications and marketing for a Fortune 500, a startup, or a small business video marketing and corporate video production can play an important role so here are three tips to crush your video marketing initiatives.


Video marketing should not exist in a silo, or be limited to one-off activities, but rather conducted in coordination with other PR & marketing activities. An integrated campaign will be complimentary and the video aspect will aid in expanding reach and influence.


Look long-term at the organization’s business goals and think about how video can drive programs forward. Are you best producing branded content to enhance customers perception? Should you bring a customer success story to life? Capture a series of testimonials? The reality is there are a lot of different approaches and your video marketing campaign may have a number of different tangents and tactics.

Be Creative

When it comes to video marketing there are an abundance of opportunities to produce video content. Of course, there’s always a place and time for talking heads and sharing knowledge from the C-suite, but there are also a myriad of creative opportunities to produce brand films and utilize video to tell the story at hand from different perspectives that will engage audiences.

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