The Right Solution for Your Corporate Video Production

When it comes to producing corporate video production, developing a video marketing strategy, or comparing video production services, it’s important to understand the different terms and ensure you find the right solution.

For starters, when developing video content for your organization it’s important to make sure you have the right video production solution in place – which will ensure branded content that you produce is on-message, polished, and professionally polished. So, when you are researching the different types of video production solutions for your organization you should consider the following:

Pros and Cons of a Videographer vs. Video Production Company

– Typically a one-man band
– Smaller budgetary solution

– Doesn’t necessarily take a strategic approach
– Hard to focus on all elements of production (i.e. audio/lighting/producing/etc)

Video Production Companies
– Strategically involved from creative concept development through post-production
-A team of experts that can focus on each aspect of the video production process

– Solutions are turnkey and as such will be in a higher ballpark budget range
– Larger footprint on the ground as there are multiple team members that are a part of the production solution

Certainly, every organization and all video production projects are unique – as your needs will vary – sometimes things are best handled by internal teams and other times by external video production companies and partners. Hopefully, these aspects help you to determine the right solution as you set out to capture that next corporate video or branded content project.

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