3 Gears For Video Production In NYC this Summer

The days are finally getting longer, the sun is shining and it’s time to get out there and capture your brand film production or record a series of executive interviews for the next corporate video production.

That said, as you set to pack-up for your next video production in NYC this summer there are a few pieces of gear you’re not gonna want to leave home without.

Video Production In NYC: Must-have Gears

Reflector: For those bright sunny days where you may be working with a talent as you shoot your video production in NYC a reflector can be a light-weight and invaluable tool to help redirect light and ensure your talent is properly lit.

Windscreen: Sunny days are great for brand film productions and can serve as a great backdrop for a corporate video production – however the canyons of New York City can often mean winds that whip around – a windscreen for your mic can go a long way to help your video production have clean audio.

External Monitor: Working around town to capture a video production in NYC can also mean finding innovative ways to stay connected with your crew while having a small footprint. A wireless external monitor can bring video producers and video production companies alike ensure a smooth & successful shoot.

So, check that forecast, and get out there and take advantage of all that NYC has to offer for your video production this Summer!

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