Tips for submitting a video production request via RFP

Tips for submitting a video production request via RFP

For some organization’s the RFP process is part of the culture and procurement process. Essentially, a necessary process to identify and select a company for your video production project.

So, first, since video production services are often creative in nature, whenever possible it’s probably best to try and avoid the RFP process and talk with a few possible vendors to learn about their approach and hear their ideas directly.

As creative projects go the right partner is often much more than a collection of checking a number of requirements but having a team that understands what you want to do and can provide a creative solution.

However, if your organization requires you to utilize an RFP process to identify and source a partner for your next video production project, here are five items to include in the video production RFP to ensure you receive responses that are relevant to your needs.

What To Include In the Video Production RFP

– Provide guidance on the creative vision for the corporate video production

– Share examples of marketing video productions that your team likes

– Include information in the video production RFP on where you think you’ll want to shoot the video production project (.ie. New York City, or your corporate headquarters, a client’s location, etc.)

– Be specific about the deliverables; for each deliverable, the video production company will need to edit and produce the video at hand and this will impact the overall scope so try to be as comprehensive as possible

– Do you have specific deadlines or availability of key stakeholders? Be sure to provide that information as well to let the video production companies plan enough time and resources for the initiative

Finally, if you’re still trying to determine the best path for writing your corporate video production RFP then speak with a trusted consultant. A video marketing consultant can help you write an RFP that will correctly articulate the project to video production companies.

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