Video Production : Reasons to put your Video in Spotlight

Video marketing has become an increasingly popular way to bring awareness to your business. This can be attributed to a number of factors including the fact that more and more companies are seeing the advantages of producing video to tell their stories. While years ago, video was inconvenient and rarely watched, today the tide has changed and organization’s have their own websites, social media, and platforms like Youtube to leverage and tell their story with the power of video. Here are three of the top reasons why you should put your video into the spotlight using our video production services.

3 Reasons to put your Video in Spotlight

Websites now Focus on Video

Many social media websites now focus on video, and organizational websites are built to handle video since it resonates so well with today’s audiences. The fact of the matter is that video can capture a users attention and clearly communicate messaging in a succinct and relatable fashion – opposed to other methods of marketing. The focus on video is in response to today’s changing audiences – a quick survey of social media, or a Facebook feed and you’ll quickly realize how video has permeated communications and is easily digestible.

Video Production NYCAttention Spans Have Changed

The average attention span of an adult has decreased to eight seconds, down from the previous twelve seconds. It has been scientifically proven that the constant use of social media and websites has changed the hard wiring in our brains. Twelve seconds is a decent amount of time to read through a printed advertisement, but eight seconds is not. Because of this new statistic, websites, such as Twitter, allow 10 second videos. This is still longer than the average attention span and longer than most audiences will watch. If you consider that a goldfish has a 9 second attention span, this statistic is really worth taking note of. With shorter attention spans, it’s increasingly important that video content be well produced to retain these shorter attention spans and effectively tell your story.

Video gets your Attention

Imagine that you are browsing a website. It contains content, images, and other relevant information. About halfway down the page a video starts to play. That video, even if it is not geared towards you, is guaranteed to get your attention. You will watch it, even if it is only for a few moments. The motion and the sound of a video make it stand out on a webpage. The video itself is a great way to portray the exact message you are trying to send to your intended audience. A lot more can be said in a video then in a static printed message.

NYC Video Pros understands video production in relation to target audiences. Video is what we do and videos are what we love. If you are trying to broaden your audience, share insights from the boardroom, and increase awareness, we can help. We will work with you to produce the exact video assets you need for your company. Working together, we can produce a professional corporate video that captures your message, and allows you to reach your audience with the exact message you want to portray. In a society of short attention spans and social media advertising, what better way to reach your customers than to join in and speak to them in the language that they know best.

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