The Multi-Tiered Approach to Corporate Video

The Multi Tiered Approach to Corporate Video By NYC Video ProsA comprehensive video strategy is a powerful opportunity to reach audiences and drive PR, marketing & social media campaigns.

There are a myriad of video marketing opportunities for organizations to develop video content and complement their other communications activities.

An integrated video strategy can be quite comprehensive.

A corporate video production include a number of tactics to fully reach today’s audiences and drive traffic. So, what does a comprehensive and integrated online corporate video production strategy look like?

It may include a mix of any of the following elements:

  • An overview video of the organization
  • Informational, case study & thought leadership videos
  • Live video streamed via social media (i.e Facebook Live/Instagram/etc.)
  • Multi-camera Webcasts and sharing of events, keynotes, panel discussions, etc.

With that in mind, let’s discuss how a fictional company called AirRockets USA could develop a comprehensive video marketing strategy.  AirRockets USA is unveiling a new service and they are using their industry-leading technology to develop and launch the program.  To educate the industry, clients, partners, and their target market at large AirRockets USA develops a comprehensive video strategy to tell their story:

  1. AirRockets USA develops a cinematic overview video to showcase and market the organization
  2. They develop an editorial calendar consisting of thought leadership interviews to aid in the education process
  3. A series of Facebook Live broadcasts are scheduled on specific topic areas to inform and promote the launch
  4. From the launch event, a live multi-camera webcast is coordinated – open to both the public and journalists

With this program, AirRockets USA has taken a multi-tiered approach to leverage video to tell their story and educate their target market.  Each tactic allows the organization to highlight different aspects of their business and publish their story utilizing today’s myriad of different channels from their own website, to Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

Further, these assets can be repurposed to develop other assets that can be used at trade shows, in sales presentations, & throughout both the pre & post-sales process.

This sample campaign utilizes all of the various online video options, but these tools offer flexibility and every organization can scale and develop a strategy that integrates with their specific initiatives.

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