How Brand Film Production Can Spotlight Your Organization

Present Your Organization In A New Light

When it comes to successful brand promotion, it’s harder than ever to break through the barrage of advertisements consumers see all day, every day. Even the most original of regular advertisements are usually pretty formulaic, and consumers aren’t as likely to connect with ads that they’ve grown numb to over exposure over many years of advertising. However, what still does resonate with audiences is video content – just sometimes in a different light.  The best way to make a real impression on a consumer is to present your organization using video – but in a way that informs and educates with a different approach then traditional television advertisements. That’s why brand film production is such a great way to gain attention and recognition for your organization. As a film production company in NYC, our branded films are driven by narrative and content, are highly visually appealing, and provide quality entertainment as well as marketing opportunities for your clients to showcase their organization.

A Better Way to Engage

We live in a world where television is increasingly becoming the most popular form of entertainment – television being short form audio-visual entertainment, a form of content not dissimilar to branded films. People are wired to consume short form entertainment from a wide variety of sources, be it a television channel, a streaming service, or YouTube, and by using a form of content that consumers are inherently attuned to, organizations can engage consumers in a way that isn’t possible with regular advertising. In branded films, consumers can and do connect with plot and character, giving them an investment in the branded film and, thus, in the brand itself. Furthermore, branded films can be stylistically intriguing and appealing, making consumers more likely to watch them in the first place or share them on social media.Film Production

Since a branded film has entertainment value beyond interest in the brand, consumers are more likely to watch the film and share it, giving it a wider reach than a regular advertisement would have. In some cases, branded films even go viral and become internet sensations. Branded films also allow consumers to connect with a brand, an organization, a cause, or a product in a way that cuts through any superficial impressions or thoughts they might have had about the organization or the issue at hand.  With a well-produced, brand film, the audience is able to learn more and an emotional connection is established with the branded film, which educates, informs, and drives target audience behavior – whether that be to buy, take action, or be aware of a particular issue.

Develop A Film for Your Company

The advantages of marketing your organization with brand film production are incredible, and thanks to the various online channels for sharing your story, it’s possible to develop and share a film that captures exactly what you want to say about your brand, organization, or cause. A branded film can tell a story, be it a story about the brand’s origins, its production, or its consumers, or key accomplishments or contributions to the industry.  A successful brand film is strategic and is developed and planned out thoroughly before it is ever filmed. At NYC Video Pros, our video producers can work with your organization to identify the best way to produce your script and devise a branded film that’s sure to be successful and in-line with your PR and marketing campaigns. Give us a call today at 212-931-4866 to talk about how NYC Video Pros can help you turn your project into a work of art.

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