To Stock Footage Or Not…

To Stock Footage Or Not by NYC Video Pros Corporate Video Production and New York Video Production ServicesWhen it comes to corporate video production there are a lot of different ways to leverage video and tell your story.  Likewise, there are a number of resources that you have at your fingertips to help you produce the next corporate video production project.  In particular today we’re focusing on stock footage; when should you use it, and what are the advantages and disadvantages to using stock footage.

Stock footage can provide assistance with a corporate video project in a number of ways; maybe you are in the midst of planning your project and it calls for B-roll that would be difficult to obtain, or perhaps you’ve recently shot your production and you’ve wrapped shooting but now you realized you’ve missed a key visual.  Or perhaps you are working on a production that needs to be produced with a limited ability to shoot new footage…in each of these cases stock footage can prove to be an asset to developing your video project.

In terms of resources for stock footage, there is a long list of providers from the likes of istock, Pond5, or ShutterStock.  These providers can be a resource that can aid in developing a successful corporate video production.  With that in mind, as you plan, produce, and develop content here are some

Advantages and Disadvantages to using stock footage


  • Access to a wide variety of videos instantly
  • Easily accessible and on-demand
  • Multiple angles, styles, and shots
  • Depending on the number of videos may be cost effective


  • Often generic video content that may be dated
  • No ability to control cinematic look and feel
  • May become costly depending on length of production
  • Lacks branding and may not match the rest of your production

So, as you plan and decide how to tell your story for your next corporate video production, it’s advantageous to at least consider and be mindful of the stock resources that are available.  It’s best to discuss options with your corporate video producer, and the team at the video production company to determine if stock footage should be used for your project.

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