How Video Can Help Small (and Medium) Businesses

For most small businesses there’s probably a common sentiment that “there’s not enough time in the day.”

So the question is how to be more efficient, how to better tell your story, and develop a more connected experience for both current and potential clients. One avenue that can greatly help lead that mission is the use of corporate video to champion your message in a fashion that allows you to share your story in an intimate and direct way. A well-produced video can not only tell your story but create a powerful connection and be a lasting Marketing and PR tool that is also cost effective (more on that later!)

Think about the ability to tell every prospective client your story in a powerful fashion – without the real-world use of your time (or that of your executives.) Even better, not only can your business be more efficient, but by developing a corporate video you can bring your unique story to life.

Further, video can be a very powerful tool for small businesses to not only connect, but to share insights both from the boardroom, as well as the field, and the production floor. Professionally produced corporate video production can offer the opportunity to share access to facilities, executives, and brand champions who may not normally have the time or bandwidth to interact with and educate your customer-base, or even your own internal audiences.

So, the obvious question, how can your small business leverage corporate video production?

Here are a few examples of video strategies to consider:

  • Share insights from your executives, founders, or key employees
  • Showcase a facility and highlight capabilities and achievements
  • Show how a product is made and/or how it meets a specific need in the market place
  • Leverage involvement in an industry event or develop a series of thought leadership conversations

Finally, while every corporate video project is unique, much like building a home, the reality is that the cost of producing a corporate video for your organization does not have rank up there with the latest Hollywood blockbuster. As a matter of fact, with the right production team you can affordably develop and integrate video content into your PR & marketing efforts that is both polished and professional.

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