Three Ways to Leverage Video to Round out 2014

New York Video Production and Corporate Video Production Services by NYC Video ProsLooking at the calendar, and feeling the crisp Fall air, it’s hard to believe that 2015 is right around the corner…it’s almost time to cue the Swarovski crystal story about the Times Square Ball….however before we get ahead of ourselves we thought we would take a look at three strategies you can use to integrate corporate video production into the organization’s communications outreach efforts this Fall.

Whether you’ve used corporate video production this year, if you’ve done video production in New York, or you’re looking for new ideas or the organization is first dipping it’s toes into the world of corporate video production here’s a shortlist of possibilities to explore.

Using Corporate Video:

1) Create an About Us Video
Perhaps a cinematic overview, or a series of interviews, or any number of styles, but an About Us video is the perfect way to tell your organization’s story. This type of video can be useful both for your website, as well as via social media to create and further a connection with your followers, colleagues, and customers.

2) Shoot a Series of Testimonials
Corporate video is incredibly powerful marketing tool…not only to tell your organization’s story but to capture influential words of support from your number one fans; your satisfied customers.

3) Highlight What You Accomplished in ’14 / or Showcase What’s Ahead for 2015
Maybe it was a big year and it’s time to develop a video that highlights those accomplishments, or perhaps you’re like our beloved Mets and it’s all about 2015 (we’re not calling you perpetual losers!) Either way, whether looking forward or backward corporate video production can help the organization champion it’s past or future successes.

These are just some initial ideas to start your brainstorming process, and the reality is there is a world of different styles and ideas that you can utilize to produce corporate video for your organization. If you want to discuss specific opportunities for how corporate video production can be integrated into your own PR & Marketing initiatives we’re happy to provide a free, no commitment consultation. To learn more we welcome you to check out our full site at or contact us directly at 212.931.4866.

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