At Home With Chef Jeff - Video Production

Chef Jeff Nathan of Abigael’s on Broadway, NY demonstrates how to make a restaurant-inspired meal at home using portobello red wine sauce. 


Hi. I’m chef Jeff Nathan from Abigail’s restaurant in New York City. 

Today, I’m gonna show you how to make a restaurant inspired meal right in your own home. And the star of our ingredients is our Portobello Red Wine Sauce. Not only is the sauce delicious, it’s gluten free, certified organic, and vegetarian. 

Let’s get started. 

Take our beef, and we’re gonna put in pieces one at a time. I’m gonna season this with some salt and pepper. You don’t have to. The sauces are already seasoned, but I just like a little extra seasoning myself. Just a touch of salt and I like cracked black pepper. 

Now, you don’t wanna touch this for at least two to three minutes. You wanna sear it on the bottom, get a nice crust, caramelized, get that added flavor. It looks like it’s ready to turn now, so we’re gonna turn each piece. 

Now I’m gonna start adding the other ingredients. 

I’m gonna add my sliced mushrooms to the pan. These you could just sprinkle in. Now we’re gonna use our leeks. If you don’t have leeks at home, feel free to use sliced onions, that’s fine. Now I have quartered pieces of zucchini. 

Now mix it all up. You wanna get all these flavors to combine. Now you want to just cook this until the mushrooms have a little translucency.

We don’t want to overcook the meat. I would say about two minutes, two and a half minutes and then we’re gonna be ready to add our sauce. Now we’re ready for our main ingredient. We’re gonna squeeze the pouch open and we’re gonna take it and we’re gonna add the whole pouch to the meal. 

Now you’re gonna wanna take a wooden spoon or a rubber spatula. You’re gonna stir it up. You want these flavors to mingle. You want the mushrooms, the zucchini, and the leeks to flavor the sauce. 

Once it comes to a boil, you’re gonna simmer it for no more than two minutes, and we’re gonna be ready to go. 

So here’s our finished dish, beef with a portobello red wine sauce. For more information on recipes and side dishes that go with these sauces, please visit our website. I’m chef Jeff Nathan. Thanks for visiting me my home. Till next time.