For over fifty years, the Underfashion Club has served as a leading not for profit dedicated to the intimate apparel industry from industry icons to fostering tomorrow’s leaders.

Walter Costello
The mission of the Underfashion Club is education today for a better industry tomorrow.

Throughout the year, the Underfashion Club routinely hosts informational seminars and networking events. Comes out of their mouth. Additionally, with an eye toward the future, the club works closely with the Fashion Institute of Technology to foster young designers and help them to learn about, experience, and ultimately join the field of intimate apparel. Since two thousand three, through this relationship partnering with FIT, the annual student design contest allows students to bring their visions for the future of the intimate apparel industry to life and to share those ideas with the community. Those visions then serve as the basis for the Underfashion club’s annual Hallmark event, the FEMMY Awards. Here, the industry’s leaders meet and the students’ designs are showcased while industry veterans are recognized. Josie Natori explains the importance of the club to the industry. The Underfashion club does an amazing job supporting education and bringing new creative minds into the field. This is what drives innovative products that moves the industry forward. Students who participate in the family design contest have the unique opportunity to work hand in hand with FIT’s professor, Alexandra Armillas, to produce co tour garments that are featured on display at the annual event in front of over six hundred intimate apparel industry members.

Alexandra Armillas
The FEMMY contest prepares the students for the world in a wonderful way because they’re creating masterpiece garments, so they’re very transformed and empowered by the process.

Tessa Saccone
The Underfashion Club FEMMY Design Competition has definitely helped me to define my career because they’ve given us the opportunity to showcase really couture garments that would otherwise not be seen by the industry.

Beyond the red carpet of the FEMMY Awards, the Underfashion Club also provides unmatched support through financial assistance and opportunities for students to access the intimate apparel industry. Victor Vega, Underfashion Club president, explains.

Victor Vega
Underfashion Club supports the FIT students through scholarships and internships, which allow the students to bring the knowledge and experience acquired in class to the real world of Miami.

As the intimate apparel industry continues to grow, the Underfashion Club remains dedicated to education both for students in the classroom as well as those in the field through unique educational events that are held throughout the year. The club brings together the best of all worlds, opportunity, networking, educational support, and a road map to the future in intimate apparel.