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The Leading film production company in NYC

Whether you’re a first-time film director, like the writer that crafted the above concept, or an experienced director who is looking to produce their next script our turnkey film production services have you covered. Our team of experienced and talented film production professionals work with you to seamlessly execute and deliver a film production experience that brings your film to life.



  • Working with the writer we transitioned his script into a ready to shoot narrative
  • Our team developed a comprehensive shooting script – identifying every shot and angle for the production
  • We helped scout the locations for the film and devised a shooting strategy to maximize the budget
  • Our film production company development of a comprehensive schedule to guide production
  • We worked hand-in-hand with the client to identify & coordinate various shoot logistics


  • Our experienced film production company worked to seamlessly execute production
  • We coordinated our crew of about 10 to facilitate this New York-based film production
  • The film production was handled with care to provide the writer with his first directing experience
  • All scenes were shot on-location in New York; locations were lit and staged as identified
  • In terms of production tools, a wide variety of lenses and stabilization tools were utilized to execute this film production


  • Our film production company orchestrated post-production to translate the shooting script into reality
  • The necessary voiceovers to guide the production were recorded
  • Our professional video editing team synced all media for post-production and assembled the story
  • Final color correction & audio mastering of the overview video
  • Delivery of the final film production in HD video via secure client website

To learn more about how our film production company can help bring your script to fruition or to discuss a how you can strategically assist with your New York Film Production call us directly anytime at 212.931.4866 or use the form to the right.  We return all inquiries the same day.

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