Corporate Video Production: Quarterly Earnings Report Video

Turnkey flat-rate corporate video production services

In today’s competitive landscape presenting your earnings reports in a dynamic fashion allows you to directly communicate with investors and showcase your c-suite executives. For this project, we worked with the organization to showcase their take on the industry and share the state of their firm. Our team provided a turnkey video production solution, which included capturing this footage on-location to make it easy for the executive to step in and record his presentation. Beyond production, we provided post-production services to assemble the final video and develop the animated slides to recap the various metrics included in this quarterly report.



  • Coordination of production with the client – and in-line with executive availability and reporting schedule
  • During pre-production, we coordinated the video production schedule with the client’s team
  • We identified the right video production solution – including cameras/lenses/production tools, etc.
  • We worked hand-in-hand with the client to identify & coordinate various shoot logistics


  • With a small and efficient production team, we worked to capture this presentation on-location
  • Our experienced corporate video director coached the executive and captured his presentation
  • For this project, our crew included a Producer/Director, Director of Photography, Sound Tech, & Teleprompter Operator


  • Our team led the creative process to produce the animated graphics and select the best takes
  • Based on the client’s direction we identified the right look and feel for the video
  • Development of a branded graphics package in-line with the organization’s brand
  • Final color correction & audio mastering of the video
  • Delivery of the final promotional video in 4K & HD video via secure client website

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