NYC Video Pros is the corporate video production company you can trust to produce your corporate or business videos.

What exactly are Business Videos?

Business videos or corporate videos can play a vital role in communicating in today’s crowded social media landscape. Well these are videos that are produced for companies, or organizations of any size to capture their organization in any number of capacities. 

Endless opportunities to use business videos

Business videos or corporate videos can be used in any number of ways from promoting a brand, service, product or the company itself to create awareness. Corporate video can also be used to introduce the company through a narrative film, with thought leadership video interviews, or videos that capture the organization’s mission & vision. Business videos can also be flexible enough to tell your story to specific targeted audiences. Further, business videos can be used to recruit investors, venture capitalists, as well as new employees. Business videos can also improve operations with training videos that capture operations, and assist the sales and marketing team to close more business. The bottom line: Business videos can bring your organization countless options depending on your needs.


Our team is focused on helping organizations develop business videos for a wide range of uses. Best of all, we produce business videos with an eye on the bottom line and provide our services with a flat-rate that can meet any budget. Our experienced team can help you to:

  • Produce business videos or documentary
  • Capture video production at your next event
  • Shoot testimonial interviews
  • Develop a cinematic overview video about the organization
  • Produce a series of thought leadership videos

Our business videos are driven by customer service and readily available all throughout New York, New Jersey & Connecticut. Our video producers are focused on helping you to craft a video production strategy that will allow you to seamlessly leverage video production for your organization. Our corporate video production company will take you from identifying the creative direction for the project through production, and post-production.

We return all inquiries the same day – to learn how we can help produce your next set of business videos call directly anytime at 212.931.4866 or use the form to the right.