Do you need a video marketing agency?

Do You Need a Video Marketing Agency?First, let’s define a video marketing agency to have a clear understanding as to what a video marketing agency is and how it can help your business.

A video marketing agency is a hybrid of a video production company and a marketing agency. The result is a multi-faceted organization that is driven by storytelling and finding innovative and creative approaches to utilizing video production services for corporate communications, marketing, and PR initiatives. A video marketing agency has experience in the worlds of strategic planning, marketing, and video production.

Now, if you’re here, chances are you’re trying to determine how to move forward with adding strategic video production to your communications activities, or content marketing efforts, so let’s take a closer look.

What you can expect from a Video Marketing Agency.

How can a video marketing agency help?

A video marketing agency can help to think strategically about how you can use video to tell your story. Video can be a critical outreach tool that permeates many parts of the organization’s internal and external communications activities. For example, video marketing can tell the brand story, it can highlight customer experiences, video can be used to onboard new employees, or showcase the latest triumphs. A video marketing agency is going to work to identify these opportunities, prioritize them and then work with your team to develop creative and coordinate the full video production process.

What kinds of video content will a video marketing agency develop?

Well, what kind of video content a video marketing agency can develop really depends on what types of video make the most sense for your business. Since every business is unique, the kinds of video content that the video marketing agency will recommend will vary as well. At a high-level, you can expect a video marketing agency to be able to produce anything from corporate videos such as a brand film, a testimonial video, a video whitepaper, a series of thought leadership interviews, product videos, as well as training video productions and videos that can be used to communicate internally.

What to look for in a video marketing agency?

Look for a video marketing agency that understands both marketing and video. Try to find a video marketing agency that is experienced but understands that every organization is different and will listen to you, learn about your business, and make relevant and intelligent recommendations as to how you can leverage video production. Finally, look for a video marketing agency that is your partner – that is mindful of your needs and will work with you to make your video outreach efforts a success – and of course, a firm that that is fun to work with and you welcome their insights/calls/emails.

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