How much time to plan my next video production?

We get asked this question quite often “how much time should I plan for my corporate video production” or “how long does it take to produce branded video content.”

The answer is a bit ambiguous

Since every project is unique and different. Sometimes we’re working with a client that says in so many words “we need to produce this video production tomorrow” and other times there’s a longer lead to develop the video production and identify the specifics.

Now, the ideal answer also depends on the project at hand. If we’re talking about producing a testimonial video the lead time required is different than if it is a full-blown brand film.

For a testimonial video or an interview type of video production, we like to have time to properly plan the desired content and organize and collaborate with our client’s to be on the same page as to what we’re trying to capture. These kinds of video productions can typically be pulled together in a few weeks, or sometimes even in a few business days.

Likewise, for more involved brand films we like typically recommend having at least a month, and sometimes two to three months, to fully identify the particulars to ensure a successful video production.

When it comes to branded content or brand films there are a litany of elements that need to be identified for a successful production including shooting locations, actors/actresses, wardrobe, and of course shot selection.

So, when you’re starting to think about your next video production try to allow as much time as possible to properly plan and ensure the video project is a success and seek the counsel of an experienced video production company which can guide you throughout the video production process.

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