DAM NY 2016 Overview - Henry Stewart Events


Focusing as we always do on the user’s perspective, Henry Stewart’s DAM events have become the must attend home for the flourishing digital asset management community, a community that grows in size and importance every year. For over a decade, dam events have delivered must have knowledge, insights, case studies, and tutorials that users need. And it’s at Henry Stewart’s dam events that evolutionary change and great leaps forward are reviewed and evaluated. If it’s important, it’s covered.

John Price
This is one of the key conferences where vendors, customers, thought leaders can all get together and find out what’s going on in the in the industry, compare notes, hear from each other, and so sort of get a sense of where the DAM market is and where it’s gonna be going into the future.

In London, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, Henry Steward serves this global community.

Rachel Edwards
You really feel like you’re among your people. Everyone speaks your language. They share your victories, your struggles. So it’s really nice to be able to network, share ideas, make some contacts that you can talk to people later if you’re struggling, need to vent, need to think about something a different way, really bounce ideas off of you. So the people you meet are really, it’s an invaluable resource.

Advanced practitioners with DAM systems of great sophistications and users new to the field. Suppliers, consultants, analysts, c suite executives, and the all important users, all are well represented. Be a part of the community as we explore the art and practice of managing digital media. Practical, and all from the user’s perspective. We look forward to seeing you.