Our goal is to capture the most beautiful and appealing content every time we shoot for a client.

We know that our New York City based clients, as well as those based around the country and around the world, count on us to produce professional grade video content. To do that we have highly experienced shooters, who are skilled in the art form of capturing beautiful video content to make sure the video we produce for clients always comes out looking magnificent. In today’s media savvy world it’s often overlooked, however it is the bedrock to developing polished video content for your organization.

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Our approach is customized to meet your needs.

We’re able to shoot in any style or preferred format that’s needed for your project. We can even match our finished product to match the current style used in your existing presentations.

We can shoot your content in any style so that it reflects your brand and the style of presentation that’s best fitted to your messaging. Our experienced team will work with you to determine the style that suits your message effectively.

We offer clients their choice of shooting in-studio, on-site, or at a location you choose. We’re able to shoot your video anywhere in the world, if needed.

Shooting Styles We’re Proficient In


On-site, handheld video


Videos shot using a slider or a dolly system


Shooting on sticks


Off-the shoulder video shooting


Shooting with a jib


A multitude of in-studio options

NYC Video Pros is your partner in production; it is our promise to shoot your content using the best angles, proper lighting and great perspectives.

Find our why NYC Video Pros is the best choice for your next video production.

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