Our company specializes in one thing: video production.

Video Production Is In Our DNA

When you work with NYC Video Pros for your video content needs, you can be sure that our dedication to your project shines through in your finished project. From the day your video production project starts we’re focused on the outcome of your video production.

Our skilled team takes care of all the fine details of your production, starting with organizing the shoot, planning the right look and feel, cultivate a script or outline – if needed, and completing the on-site and studio work that materialization.

Your Video Production Is Our Primary Focus

Our company specializes in one thing – video production.

Our team has the prerequisite skills to organize and keep the bigger picture in mind to adeptly tell your story.

We are here to help with all aspects of your commercial video production, including:


Choosing the video shoot site. Either on-location or in-studio


Touring your location during a pre-production site visit or showing you the studio


Choosing the best recording equipment for your project


Creating the set to reflect the image of your video production


Selecting the right cast members for your video

NYCVP makes sure that all of the details of your project are taken care of.

We keep a highly-trained eye on the underlying quality and the story we’re telling on your behalf.

On the day of your shoot, there is a creative buzz and excitement that our crew taps into to produce the finest content for your project. We work with your spokesperson to put them at ease and direct them to methodically capture and the desired footage for the final cut of your video.

The scope of our production skills extends beyond on-site production. We cull through all of your footage and select the best takes. Our team works to identify and coordinate extra elements such as graphics, animations, and music to put the finishing touches on your video production.
No detail will be overlooked or forgotten because Producing your video in a professional and high-quality fashion is our top priority.

Let us help you with recording your corporate spokesperson, to showcase a new product, educate your team, or to conduct interviews at your next annual convention.

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