This is where perfection happens!

Post-Production is where we sprinkle a little fairy dust on your video and make it perfect…

Post-production is one of the most important parts of the filming process. This is where perfection happens! Post-production integrates all of the work we’ve done starting in the pre-production phase through the actual filming of your event.

Our team edits and unifies the film we’ve captured to create an end product that is sure to delight you!

Affordable off-site editing

To keep our prices affordable and our team efficient, we typically complete edits off-site. This eliminates much of the heavy lifting and allows us to deliver a rough draft for you to review.

Features of Our Editing Process


It is our goal to make the entire process stress-free for you and offers you a compilation of your best takes, complete with graphics, voiceovers, slides or animation that you want included in the edited segment.


Two Rounds of Edits

Unlike other video production companies you may have worked with, we collaborate with you on two rounds of edits to make sure your video hits the target. The first edit is drafted based on pre-production guidelines. We share this draft with you and your team for review.


After you’ve had a chance to review the draft, we ask for your feedback. Using your opinions, we’ll make the needed changes to synthesize your film into create the second – and close to final – version of your video.

Flat-Rate Turnkey solution

If further editing or revisions are required, our Flat-Rate Turnkey solution covers tweaks until it is just right.


Best of all, it doesn’t matter if your team is based in New York City or around the globe, because we share videos online via a private and secure website for your review.

Get A Hands On Experience In Film Editing

Clients who prefer to be more actively involved in the film editing process have the option to have us come to their site along with our editing suite to actively collaborate on the edit. You and your team will preview selected cuts and shots and help provide direction to make sure the final cut is in line with your overall vision.

Alternatively, you and your team have the option to meet us at our studio and edit facility to review your film, collect feedback and collaborate on how the final edit will be cut.

We recommend that clients who are working on larger projects or bodies of work consider “hands on” editing services to complete their film in their vision.

Regardless of the whether you want us to make the final cuts or you want an active say in the editing process, our goal is always to make your editing experience enjoyable, and to deliver a final product that showcases your content and organization in a professional light.

Once we complete the editing process, we upload your completed videos to a secure private website, where you and your team will be able to complete a final review and download the media.

Let us help you with recording your corporate spokesperson, to showcase a new product, educate your team, or to conduct interviews at your next annual convention.

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