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From the NYC Video Pros Edit Suites…some of our corporate video productions:

We are committed to leveraging corporate video production solutions to help our clients capture their stories, share their successes, and create professional video content.  Our clients come to us to produce a wide range of professionally produced video content from marketing and promotional videos, to training videos and conference video coverage.

Regardless, of what’s in front of our camera on any given day we’re committed to helping our clients leverage professional video production to integrate with digital marketing campaigns, public relations efforts, and traditional marketing intiatives. We shoot our corporate video production projects in a number of styles and the look and feel for each is defined during our pre-production process.

While no two projects are the same – whatever the subject matter at hand we approach each production with a highly trained cinematic eye, attention to detail, and commitment to high-quality production values. We invite you to watch some of our previous video production work that we’ve completed for other clients.

We are proudly trusted by our client’s for their video production needs; our story is telling yours. Specializing in NYC Video Production and the best corporate video production solutions for clients all around the globe.

Our Video Production Projects help our clients with:


Event Video


Product Demonstrations


Corporate Video Production


Internal Communications


Educational Campaigns


Digital Marketing Video

Here are a few samples of our Corporate Video Production work:

Regardless of format we work with you throughout the corporate video production process

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What's Your Story? Corporate Video Production Services in NYC. NYC Video Production services

We make your corporate video production easy; whether you need to shoot an interview with a corporate spokesperson, showcase a new product, produce a training video, or capture video from the next annual convention.

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Educational Video Production

Conference Video Production Learn More

We produced this multi-camera video production from a conference held in Las Vegas.

Working with the publication, we captured this :90-minute panel discussion in its entirety. Our production company provided all of the state of the art equipment and the production team to capture this event. Then in post-production, our team edited the camera angles, added graphics, and provided the client with the final video content as a number of finished segments, as well as a full run of show.

How We Worked on this Corporate Video Production


  • Technical and logistical coordination with the client and venue for full-service video production in Las Vegas, NV
  • Identification of camera angles and necessary set elements on-location for a successful shoot
  • Development of graphical treatment to produce opening animation, lower-thirds, call to action slides


  • Our team provided professional video production services to capture this panel conversation
  • We provided a three camera set-up to film the panel conversation
  • Each guest was independently mic’d and audio was actively managed throughout the live video production


  • Assembly of full run of show with multiple angles and development of branding graphics
  • Break out of various chapters of the conversation and pull-quotes for shorter video elements
  • Final audio mastering and color correction
  • Delivery of high-definition (HD) video assets upon completion of edit process

Cinematic Corporate Video Production

Marketing & Promotional Video Learn More

We worked with this non-profit to develop and produce this cinematic corporate video production.

For this non-profit video production project, we developed the creative concept, orchestrated production, and synthesized the final video in collaboration with the client.  Building on a few historical visuals that the organization had of previous events we, we constructed a story that captured the important role the organization plays in educating the industry.  Once the concept was developed, this video production was shot throughout NYC and through a series of interviews and capturing B-roll at their annual event, we were able to tell the organization’s important story.

How We Worked


  • Concept development to craft this non-profit video production & highlight the organization’s impact on the industry
  • During pre-production our production team conducted various site visits to identify shoot locations and camera angles
  • Coordination with Underfashion Club team, FEMMY Gala staff, and administration at FIT for shooting of this NYC video production
  • Story development to take concept from vision to reality identifying voiceovers, quotes, and visuals
  • Our production team worked to identify and coordinate various shoot logistics, locations, and timelines


  • Our video production team worked to capture strong visuals to bring the Underfashion Club’s story to life in this video production
  • Multiple video production shoots were conducted to capture the necessary content for the final video
  • Several voiceover talent auditioned for the video during production; we selected the finalist with the client’s input
  • We coached the executives who participated to get them comfortable on camera as we told the Club’s story


  • Our professional video team led the creative process to bring the story to life & select the visuals that would create the best video
  • We recorded the final script with the voice talent selected in the video production process and scored the video
  • Development of a branded graphics package that was in-line with the Underfashion Club’s logo and brand styling
  • Final color correction & audio mastering of the overview video
  • Delivery of the final promotional video in high-definition (HD video) via secure client website

Corporate Video Production

Multi-Camera Conversation Learn More

Working with this industry association we produced this series of corporate videos with executives from the C-suite.

This corporate video production series was shot on-location in NYC; produced to capture insights into the evolving technology area of artificual intelligence with several key thought leaders.

How We Worked On this Corporate Video Production


  • We developed a high-level outline with the client as to the topics that would be covered in this corporate video
  • Our professional video team conducted a pre-shoot location souting intitiave to determine shooting location & logistics
  • Minimal branding graphics developed in collaboration with client to keep focus on the content at hand
  • Coordination of crew for NYC video production, as well as logistics to ensure minimal interference at this active NYC office


  • Our professional video team worked with the host and the guest to coach them and produce this conversational interview
  • Our production company provided all of the technology for the corporate video production including cameras, lights, & audio
  • We worked with the client team to identify the set design, camera locations, and lighting for this multi-camera video shoot
  • Dual audio capture to ensure high quality audio captured from each participant


  • Assembly of full corporate video production including multiple camera angles, graphics, & several 3-5 minute segments
  • Development and production of branded supporting graphics to reinforce key points
  • Final audio mastering and color correction

Film Production

The Visitation Learn More

Empowering this first-time director with a turnkey video production solution to shoot his first film in NYC

Our production company provided a wide range of services; from pre-production planning, to script development, and logistics our professional team provided all of the necessary elements to successfully bring this video production to fruition.

How We Worked to Produce this Film


  • Our production company worked to identify all of the technical and logistical needs for this NYC video production
  • Working with the writer, our production team created a shooting script to guide video production process
  • We coordinated the professional video production crew, scheduled all resources and coordinated logistics for the on-location shoot


  • We coordinated all crew and technical elements for this production including cameras, lighting, and set design
  • Our professional video production team orchestrated all of the elements including the talent, scenes, shots, and crew
  • We collaborated on set design, shot identification, and lighting for each shot of the video production
  • Worked with the writer, in his Directorial debut, to coach him and guide the actors through the creative process


  • Editing of short film in-line with the Director’s initial script with the creative freedom to bring that vision to life
  • Scene development from content captured on-location including shot selection & narrative timing
  • Final color correction & audio mastering of the entire short film
  • Delivery of this independent film in HD video to the writer upon completion for use in festivals and marketing his talents

Industrial Video

Hollander Home Fashions Learn More

Our team worked with this US based manufacturer to create an informative video production to educate the organization’s client’s about their capabilities.

To supplement the B2B conversation, we worked with the client to capture and showcase the various manufacturing processes that they specialize in providing.  To accomplish that goal, this corporate video production takes the viewer inside the 500,000 square foot facility in Dallas, Texas.  Our video production company took the lead on developing the creative direction for the project & working with the client’s team to bring that vision to fruiton – shooting on-location in an active manufacturing facility.

How We Worked On this Industrial Video Production


  • We coordinated multiple pre-production meetings to determine creative direction and key messaging elements
  • Development of corporate video production script to identify voiceover elements, guiding questions for interviews, & key visuals
  • Coordination of professional video production crew for on-location shoot in Dallas, Texas
  • Managed voice talent auditions to guide selection of voice over artist to ensure the right feel for the client’s vision


  • Coordination and managemenet of video production team for two-day on-location shoot
  • Our professional video production team captured all of the key visuals and interviews in this active manufacturing facility
  • Dynamic corporate video production with various production tools to capture the size and scope of the facility
  • Shot identification and methodical capture of various manufacturing processes in real-time


  • Our team edited the full corporate video production based on the pre-production script, and the content captured on-location
  • We were responsible for shot selection and methodically showcasing the client’s various manufacturing capabilities
  • Collaboration with the client via private online portal to refine and finalize video to lock picture and sound
  • Final audio mastering and color correction
  • Delivery of high-definition (HD) video via client delivery portal and on hard drive with all original raw HD footage

Healthcare Presentation

Educational/Product Demo Learn More

Our goal was to develop a video production to showcase the latest headache healthcare treatment with an authentic voice from the perspective of the clinician.

Offering a leading clinician an open platform to share the latest from the field and demonstrate the latest technology for treating headaches. We were challenged to capture the right voice, get the timing right and cohesively present all the information regarding the complex treatment options.

How We Worked


  • Developed a high-level outline for the video production with the client to guide the on-site production
  • Creation of branding graphics for the organization to match their existing collateral
  • Coordination of crew for production, as well as logistics to ensure minimal interference at this medical practice in Pittsburgh, PA


  • On-location in Pittsburgh, we worked hand-in-hand with the physician to work coax out the best content for the video production
  • Shot identification to capture the physician in his offices, as well as the clinical environment
  • Dual audio capture to ensure high quality audio captured from the physician


  • Working with the footage shot we assembled a final video production that was on-message and in-line with the pre-production outline that was developed with the client
  • Collaboration with the client to refine and finalized video via private client portal
  • Development and inclusion of supporting graphics
  • Final audio mastering and color correction

CityCast New York Demo

MTV Style Video Production Learn More

To leverage new online media opportunities we developed this video production to showcase NYC

CityCast New York is a nitty gritty NYC video production that features the best of what the Big Apple has to offer residents and visitors alike. Our key challenge was artistically representing New York’s fast-paced environment in short lifestyle video segments.

How We Worked


  • Concept development for this video production including style, presentation, and coverage areas
  • Identification of locations, guests and topics
  • Coordination of crew for video production, as well as on-site logistics for production


  • Shooting video segments on-location throughout NYC
  • Directing talent to capture intros, outros, and interviews with NYC businesses
  • Capture of NYC businesses, events, and locations to create a dynamic program


  • Assembly of full run of show; with the goal of a 3-5 minute show
  • Selection of interview clips and supporting B-roll
  • Final audio mastering and color correction

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