Your Location, Our Studio

We Transform Your Location Into Our Studio

While every project varies, we find that it is often best to produce your video on-location either in your own facility or in one that supports the message that you want to convey.  Either way, NYC Video Pros has extensive experience transforming any location into a working studio. This brings your message to life while reinforcing your brand, highlighting your infrastructure, and showcasing your organization.

Prior to the shoot, NYCVP works with you to identify an ideal location for your shoot.  When possible, we like to kick off the Pre-production process with a site visit.  This allows our team to plan camera angles, and customize lighting and audio requirements for your video production.

During the Pre-production process we’ll determine what equipment, props, and other elements may be useful to successfully build your on-screen presence.

Throughout the process, we work with you to accomplish the goal of transforming your facility into a living and breathing set for your video production.

Gear for the Job:


Camera kit






Sound Dampening Blankets


Coloring Gels




Mic Stands




Lots of Gaffer Tape!


Monitor for Playback


Sliders or Jibs for Dynamic Movement

Our expert film company offers professional shoot setup using a minimally invasive approach. We take the time to place our cameras strategically and mask all unwanted light sources to make sure that no shadows are cast on your production.

After establishing proper lighting, we expertly build your set using branding elements and accent lighting where needed. Our seasoned crew are experts at microphone placement, assuring that your presentation has crisp, clear audio that’s free of background noise and sound interference.

Once filming is completed, we wrap up and break down the set, leaving your space clean for you to use, with no trash or debris left behind.

Let us help you with recording your corporate spokesperson, to showcase a new product, educate your team, or to conduct interviews at your next annual convention.

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