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Whatever your topic – our documentary production services can help bring your idea to fruition. Our experienced video production team can work with you to identify and flush out your concept if it is a non-profit documentary production or a corporate video production. Our video production services are turnkey and cover everything from concept development, through on-location and in-studio video production and then through post-production.

Specifically, for the documentary production shown above, we worked with the sponsoring organization to develop the concept and produce a documentary production that showcased their rich 40-year history! The video – which featured several generations of membership – was specifically used at their annual convention and served as a heartwarming video production to energize the organization’s membership as they celebrated 40 years of providing support to their patients.



  • Our team crafted the strategy for telling the organization’s story and including various perspectives
  • Working with the client we developed a blueprint for the documentary production
  • Participants were identified and key interview questions were drafted to guide interviews
  • We identified the shooting location and provided a turnkey multi-camera solution
  • We worked hand-in-hand with the client to coordinate logistics for this on-location video production


  • Shooting parts of the project in conjunction with an annual meeting – we build out an on-location studio to capture interviews
  • Our experienced corporate video director worked with the participants to get them comfortable on camera
  • Interviews were produced with multiple cameras where possible – three cameras for a dynamic final video production
  • Our documentary production team exercised the utmost of care and caution in sensitive patient environments
  • The production solution included all of the necessary production gear: cameras, lenses, audio equipment, lights, etc.


  • Each interview was transcribed and key points and soundbites were logged for future reference
  • Over 20 hours of footage was captured and sorted through to synthesize an initial version of the documentary production
  • Our video editing team had creative control to build the story in-line with the pre-production blueprint
  • The documentary video production was scored using a number of options to drive the story forward
  • Final color correction & audio mastering of the overview video
  • Delivery of the final documentary production was delivered in 4K & HD video via secure client website

To learn more about how our documentary production and video production services can benefit your organization or to discuss how you can strategically leverage video production for your next project call us directly anytime at 212.931.4866 or use the form to the right.  We return all inquiries the same day.

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