Client-driven Film Production


Video production runs in our DNA.

It’s not just something we do, it’s something we live to do!

We have years of experience with on-site and in-studio film production. We’ve been fortunate to work with really famous people, unquestionably smart physicians, well-heeled business executives, and eccentric types. If you can conjure up the type, the chances are good that we’ve worked with them!

Our approach is simple. You talk and we listen.

We are a client-driven film production company. We work hard to make sure that your video is filmed, cut, and edited to perfection. Our dedicated team are zealous about producing top-notch video content. We approach every project with strict professionalism and keep a keen eye assuring our Turnkey and Custom Video production services are affordable and scalable enough to meet the needs of the smallest projects all the way to the largest productions.

We have worked in our Midtown Manhattan location for ten years, which positions us with the tools and production experience necessary to make your professional video shine, no matter whether it’s filmed downtown, uptown, or out of town.

Each project is unique

NYC Video Pros believes in providing the right video production solution for each custom project. We build on our vast experience in the field to develop and tailor or services to meet the unique needs of your project. As a testament to our expertise, we have worked with numerous small and medium-sized businesses, Non-Profit Organizations, and Fortune 500 Companies to produce video solutions for all sorts of applications.

In terms of clients, NYC Video Pros has worked with just about every type of organization under the sun from small and medium sized businesses, to Fortune 500 companies, as well as leading non-profit organizations.

Let us help you with recording your corporate spokesperson, to showcase a new product, educate your team, or to conduct interviews at your next annual convention.


Our Experience


Not To Toot Our Own Horn – We Have Great Clients!

Since our inception, NYC Video Pros has worked with a wide variety of leading organizations across a multitude of industries. We’ve traveled thousands of miles, giving our valued clients from across the country the ability to leverage our cost-effective media production solutions for their professional needs.

Our diverse client base includes organizations both in the non-profit and commercial space. We have extensive experience working with organizations in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as those involved with technology, education, entertainment, travel and a variety of other disciplines.

All of these sectors come with unique topic areas and require attention to the fine details. Our services are perfect for communicating complex messages in a professional presentation that’s easy to understand.

Simply put, NYC Video Pros expertise helps you produce powerful video content.

Our production processes have helped a wide variety of organizations communicate and produce effective content.

Here is a brief sample of the organizations we’ve worked with that we can share:



See what people have been saying about our Executive Producer, Jason Cohen and the team at NYC Video Pros/CityCast Media…

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jason and NYC Video Pros/CityCast Media and recommend his services highly.  Jason is great to work with – he provides valuable knowledge and expertise, a lot of hand holding, and a superior end product.  Jason also looks beyond the project at hand by setting up and creating opportunities for the future. I have so appreciated Jason’s insight, good humor, and guidance throughout each project we have worked on together.”

Elizabeth Sherman

Senior Marketing Manager, Association Management Center

“I hired NYC Video Pros/CityCast Media to produce a series of audio podcasts for The Culinary Institute of America a few years back, when the podcast platform was new and taking off.  Jason was very knowledgeable and guided us through the whole process. He delivered high-quality content at a very reasonable price.  Jason was very efficient and a pleasure to work with.”

Scott Lucente

Director of Web Marketing, The Culinary Institute of America

“I am impressed by NYCVP’s flexibility and their willingness to make your video perfect. They will give you options to choose from, and they will work with you on all the details. Very important – they are just one phone call away… ready to discuss anything you have missed… and give their insights what can make it better… Very professional, and at the same time very friendly… Also, they are very eager to offer the best solution accommodating your budget… making the best video with the least expense…”

Armand Del Tor

Author, The Book of Love Text Messages

“Jason and his team filmed a financial services video for our firm and it took minimal effort for some really terrific results. The firm is extremely professional and the end product was excellent.”

Richard Sincere

Founder/CEO, Sincere & Co., LLC

“Jason is a leader in the industry and an expert in his field. What I liked best about working with Jason was his ability to present exactly what we needed when we needed it. We were new to podcasting and did not have a huge budget. Jason met our financial and media needs without inflating the project. He is honest and a pleasure to work with.”

Donna Davies

Experienced Full-Service Web Marketing Manager

To discuss your project we welcome you to contact us at anytime.


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