About NYC Video Pros

Video production runs in our blood…no literally producing is in our DNA.  We have vast experiences from shooting on-site to working in-studio, with famous folks, and really smart physicians, as well as executives, and policy wonks…you name it we’ve worked with ’em.  Our experienced team is dedicated to producing content with the utmost in professionalism, and a keen eye on the bottom line to ensure that our solutions are affordable and can be scaled to meet the needs of the smallest projects, to the largest productions.  With over six years of service from our Midtown location, we have the experience and the tools necessary to make your production whether it’s in-town, or out of town, a success.

We believe in finding the right video production solution for each project, which means building on our wide variety of experiences to develop and customize the right solution for your project. Our approach is simple; you talk, we listen; our production solutions are client-driven, and personalized based on the specific needs of your project.

In terms of clients, we’ve worked with just about every type of organization under the sun from small and medium sized businesses, to Fortune 500 companies, as well as leading non-profit organizations. Click here to learn more.